Meet the Candidate

Fergus Ewing was elected to the Scottish Parliament when it was reconvened in 1999.  Since, Fergus has been re-elected by the people of Inverness and Nairn on each of the four subsequent elections thereafter.   Moving from a nerve wracking majority of four hundred and forty one to a more substantial majority of 10,857 votes in 2016

Fergus has many years of service within the Scottish Government.  He currently serves as the Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy and Tourism and has previously served as the Community Safety Minister in 2007, The Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism in 2011 and the Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy and Connectivity in 2016.

Prior to his election to the Scottish Parliament, Fergus attended Glasgow University where he graduated with an LLB.  After qualifying as solicitor, he ran his own legal practice and small business for 17 years.    

Having spent all his adult life campaigning for independence, he also developed policy of the Scottish National Party – on business legal and taxation matters – as well as  in the nineties serving on its National Executive Committee and as a Vice Convenor.

Fergus has lead on major campaigns such as dualling of the A9, a new Court in Inverness, securing a budget and plan for turning Inverness Castle into a world class attraction for visitors and the Highlands,  leading the teams saving  the Scottish Steel plant  at Dalyell, and Aluminium Smelter at Fort William, and  driving our renewable energy base - including defeating Donald Trump three times in Scottish Courts in his challenge of an Aberdeen offshore wind farm; fixing the farm payments system and achieving our forestry targets; and securing the return of the convergence funds wrongfully withheld from Scottish farmers and crofters.

Over the last 21 years, Fergus has helped thousands of constituents, and hopes to continue to serve the people of Inverness and Nairn.

With your support we can ensure that Fergus is re-elected on 6 May 2021

Let’s do it once again and make sure that we welcome Fergus Ewing back as our MSP and see Nicola Sturgeon returned as the First Minister of Scotland.